My Conversation with the Cosmos

cosmosIf the Universe is trying to tell you something, by all means, pay attention.

The Universe is a very busy, er, creation. It could be doing something Universe-related (like creating planets or making sure the plot of Interstellar holds up). Instead, it chose to talk to you. That’s like the President of the World coming to your house personally to organize your post-it notes (or as we call it in the Philippines, “sucking up to the voters”).

When the times comes and you feel as if the cosmos are sending you a signal, here are some things to remember:

1. You can’t afford being dense. The message comes in unexpected forms, delivered through various medium: it could sneak up in a casual conversation with a friend, who suddenly calls you out for not writing anything recent.

“Whatever happened to your public blog?” she would ask. “Why haven’t you produced anything new?” And you squirm uncomfortably and utter the same, rehearsed excuses — not to her but mostly to yourself, to justify your inaction.

Sure, that friend may have dropped a scathing truth bomb on you (and she might need to read up on “The Art of Transitioning Properly into a Touchy Subject”) but it is only because she sees the value of your work — even though you might have trouble seeing it yourself.

When you feel as if your friend is acting as the mouthpiece of the Universe, heed her words. Use it as a conduit of change.
Most importantly, hang on to that friend; she’s the real deal.

2. Sometimes, the Universe takes a creative approach. There are many instances when you feel as if a work of art is speaking to you.

Like during a movie, you feel as if the lines were written specifically for you….that’s because you are egotistic and probably a closet narcissist like me. But, it might also be the Universe telling you something important, and it just decided to do it with more pizzazz this time.

“Stop living comfortably for yourself, for your family,” says the mustachioed actor playing a General on-screen, during a Saturday viewing of the movie Heneral Luna. And before delivering the next line, he looks at the audience, summons his inner Shia Le Bouf and shouts: “SACRIFICE for the greater good!”

A little melodramatic? Probably. Is he wrong though? Definitely not.

Art is the best way to get a message across. It isn’t too hard sell, and we all interpret it differently, depending on how applicable it is to our situation. This makes it more likely to stick. Besides, the livid face of a mustachioed man 30-feet big is always an effective way to get someone’s attention.


3. It’s up to you to form the big picture.Sometimes, all you get are bits and pieces. Put them together and you get a general idea of what the Cosmos are trying to tell you:

  • “You are starting to write too corporate — break that!”
  • “Your article came back. Pardon my editor’s harsh notes.”
  • [Writes something. Stops after a few lines. Gets distracted. Finishes 7 hours later — if at all]
  • (Boss reads something I wrote, then crosses out the whole page) “NO. This is wrong.”
  • “Call me when you are finished doing that copy.” (or “Damn, what’s taking you this long? That’s just a few lines!”)
  • [Tries to finish an article. Goes to one room to the next to unclog brain. Futile]

All from different sources. One underlying message: “Your writing sucks.”

No surprises there. I know my writing had become rusty (and not just rusty-rusty, but Mad Max level rustiness in a sandstorm). I do write regularly on my journal, as mentioned in my previous post, but.. it feels inadequate. Art needs to give back. You can’t keep creating something for your own consumption, in your own vacuum.

So yes, I hear you loud and clear, cosmos: I’m sorry if I was selfish with my writing for far too long. I think I’m ready to start sharing some of the stories here again. I swear I will work doubly hard to shake off the rust and get back to fighting form.

I get your message. You can stop sending me Snapchats now.


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